Make a pledge

Join our campaign by pledging for how you will Keep Britain Working. See the pledges other business leaders have already made and discover how to share your own pledge.

Make a pledge

Join our campaign by pledging for how you will #KeepBritainWorking. See the pledges other business leaders have already made and discover how to share your own pledge.

Companies who have already pledged

My pledge to #Keep Britain Working: whilst our company remains in hibernation, we will continue to keep our staff on full pay.

James Timpson, Chief Executive, Timpson Group

I pledge to send a free digital copy of my book Mind Flip: Take the Fear out of your Career to anyone who would like one.  Please email me at

Zena Everett, Executive Coach and Speaker on Crazy Busyness

To keep as many of our employees in work for as long as possible during the crisis period and ensure that we give priority to our clients providing essential services. I have decided to provide financial support personally, in the UK and internationally, to at least ten people who are not financially secure and have an immediate need for basic supplies.

Anita Dougall, CEO of Sagacity and Non-Executive Director, REED Group

In order to help people get back into work, we pledge to waive our profit margin for one month for all businesses who want to try using our flexible work platform to scale their business during the uncertain weeks ahead. Hiring our flexible workers on-demand allows companies to maximise revenue opportunities while keeping cost structures flexible and risks low, especially during times of unpredictable and varying demand.

Kit Glover, UK MD, Coople

At REED every decision we make will be in the interest of the long-term survival of the company and for the preservation of as many jobs as possible. Given the severity of the situation we will not be able to save every job but we will do all that we can to redeploy people threatened by redundancy. I have also chosen to forgo my salary for the duration of this crisis.

James Reed, Chair & CEO, REED

We pledge to do all that we can to ensure that installers can always safely gain access our products to meet their emergency call-outs and keep Britain warm, washed and working

Geoffrey Gestener, Managing Director, Davidson Holdings Limited

My pledge to #KeepBritainWorking: to develop our National Business Response Network to connect community need with business support.

Amanda Mackenzie OBE, Chief Executive, Business in the Community

We will provide bespoke online modules that support companies to keep disabled people working at this challenging time.

Mike Adams OBE, Purple

We pledge to keep protecting our internal team and our regular flexible workers by keeping them on the government’s worker retention scheme. As soon as the lock down gets lifted, we promise to do everything we can to provide as many jobs to old and new ‘Cooplers’ on our platform. If people find themselves out of work, we encourage them to sign up with Coople so they can find work via our App

Kit Glover, UK MD, Coople

Sir George Monoux College is keeping our staff all employed and working by using cutting edge technology to deliver our services in new and innovative ways. This is for our directly employed staff and staff employed via subcontractors. We will continue to value the health and wellbeing of our staff and students without compromising our mission to give students control of their future by learning and changing today. It is vital to maintain the education services so that the young people affected do not suffer lifelong adverse consequences of this shutdown.

David Ball, Vice Principal Corporate Services, Sir George Monoux College

CILEx understands the enormity of disruption caused by COVID-19 but is determined to support our team and provide the best possible service to members and customers during this crisis #KeepBritainWorking

Linda Ford, CEO, The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

We pledge to bring family businesses together to provide the support they need in these difficult times. We will help them share ideas and inspiration to help make sure British businesses are in the best position to successfully rebuild.

Elizabeth Bagger, Director General, Institute for Family Business

My pledge to #KeepBritainWorking: whilst our face to face workshops are postponed, we will continue to keep our staff on full pay. We need outstanding leadership right now. To #KeepBritainWorking we promise to share leadership insights virtually and free of charge during this tough period.

Graham Wilson, Leadership Wizard and Founder, Successfactory

We pledge to keep as many of our workers employed as possible whilst helping individuals and communities negatively affected by this crisis, now and in the months that follow.

Kim Slater, Chief Executive, WRCC

We pledge to provide any employer that contacts Suffolk Mind with free resources, tips and tools for use with teams and their families to enable them to meet emotional needs and avoid stress during these changing times. And we’ll keep developing and updating them

Jon Neal, Chief Executive, Suffolk Mind

Heydoc is offering the video consultation feature to its users completely free of charge. By doing so, we are allowing doctors and medical staff to keep seeing patients and providing care, while staying safe

Christoph Lippuner, CEO, Heydoc

When the time is right we will work tirelessly to deliver a bold and ambitions plan to support a construction led recovery, to mirror the post World War II economic expansion and the recovery from the 2008 crash.

Mike Leonard, CEO, Building Alliance

During lockdown and and the first months following, to #KeepBritainWorking: Polestar Career Coaching will allocate complimentary coaching sessions to businesses and individuals, aimed at developing goals and driving recover. Let’s build the future together.

Paul Smale, Director & Founder, Polestar Career Coaching Ltd

Our company cares about our employees, we are like a family. We will continue to do
everything that we can to safe guard the employment of our team and will be creative in our approach to save jobs and to support the campaign to keep Britain working.

Sally Beck, General Manager, Royal Lancaster London

We pledge to support Gatwick Diamond businesses and the people they employ, so that they are ready to respond to opportunities that the recovery will bring

Jeff Alexander, Chief Executive, Gatwick Diamond Business

Our company cares about our employees, we are like a family. We will continue to do
everything that we can to safe guard the employment of our team and will be creative in our approach to save jobs and to support the campaign to keep Britain working.

Jo McGowan, Director of HR, First Central Insurance & Technology Group

We pledged to teach others new ICT skills and also provide free mentorship in their career journey.

Cumhur Kizilari, UK Country Director, Morten 

At Ian Henery Solicitors we are committed to looking after our clients and providing a professional service. Our clients are real people with real problems. We are committed to surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic. As a company we are passionate about what we do and supporting our members of staff so that they, in turn, can service our clients. None of our staff have been made redundant and I have put myself on the national minimum wage for the duration of the crisis.

Ian Henery, Managing Director, Ian Henery Solicitors 

EquiLend pledges to use our extensive network within investment banking and financial services to assist those out of work in any way we can.

Laurence Marshall, COO, EquiLend

We pledge to work in collaboration with others to help #KeepBritainWorking and create new opportunities for people to work in the care sector supporting older people at home. In turn, we will ensure that our current and new employees have all the support and guidance needed to deliver the best care possible.

Martin Jones, CEO, Home Instead Senior Care UK

Our Organisation pledges to support all our employees during these hard times and ensure their jobs are safe and support them with their hardships and to work with the UK Government to ensure the economy of the country grows from strength to strength.

Antony Coomb, Managing Director, Care Homes of Distinction 

We pledge to help redundant recruiters back into work by supporting them in setting up their own recruitment agency

Wendy McDougall, Chief Fish, Fire Fish Software

We pledge to help our small business and charity clients negotiate the maze of available help, to keep their staff employed and to keep their businesses going; to provide them with all the assistance and updates that we can.

Sue Keane, Partner, Fuller Spurling

We pledge to do all we can to help businesses across the UK and to #KeepBritainWorking

Paul Andrews, Founder & Managing Director, Family Business United 

Thus far only the owners of the business have taken pay cuts and we have managed to keep all employees on 100% of pay including those on furlough. We pledge to continue treating our employees as our most important asset. Further we will continue to recruit exceptional people even while the legal market contracts. We are committed to working with organisations in relation to their commercial contracts, funding, properties and flexible workforce solutions to #keepbritainworking.

Joy Kingsley, Senior Partner, JMW

Our pledge to #KeepBritainWorking: The RL100 will share information and connect people and jobs together to inspire future growth and employment

Adrian Thomas, Alumni Chair, RL100

Our pledge is that we will continue to work closely with Clinical Commissioning Groups and Trusts to redeploy our clinicians to the frontline where appropriate.

Andrew Walton, Founder & Executive Chair, Connect Health


Merco pledge to fast track any new worker who can support our NHS and independent sector with their compliance – to get those who can work, working safely and compliant as quickly as possible

Jonathan Broadest, Operations Director, Merco


Our pledge to #KeepBritainWorking is to do all that we can to stay open, whilst complying with government guidelines and to provide the support that our partners and consumers need, to keep families safe at home and help to reduce the strain on the NHS.

Eric Collins The Jackloc Company Limited


I pledge to channel my passion for helping others in their careers into three articles and a free webinar, containing my best advice for anyone who’s trying to get back into the workplace.

Yvette Jeal PPC Executive Coach 

We will work hard to help redeploy the thousands of cabin crew made redundant during the crisis. Through links with training providers and industry leaders we pledge to help equip, support and inspire these hard working professionals face the challenges ahead.

Alan Williams, Founder, Miramar Connect

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Each one of us has a role to play in overcoming this economic and health crisis. Thank you for making a pledge to help Keep Britain Working in whichever way you can.

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