Demand surge for key workers

by | Apr 16, 2020 | News

Coronavirus has changed many aspects of our daily life, personal and work. Business is facing challenges not seen in a generation and the knock-on effect for the recruitment market is inevitable. It’s not all decline however. Yes, there are fewer jobs being posted but some sectors are in growth as companies battle to manage the changes brought about by panic buying, working from home and healthcare demand at a scale few could have imagined a few weeks ago. Many industries now face an uncertain future but whilst the general picture is of fewer jobs in the market, the numbers show some sectors facing a huge demand for workers.

Changing consumer behaviour and the demand being put on the health services have seen a recruitment drive looking to fill positions quicker than ever. All the major grocery chains have undertaken a hiring initiative looking to fill upwards of 20,000 roles across both temporary and permanent positions, filling store positions, warehouse operatives and delivery drivers. The NHS is calling back recently retired workers. Companies around the supply chain are also looking to bolster their ranks with nationwide haulage firms and home food delivery companies recruiting to meet the demand of getting goods to where they are needed.

Source: Job Market Insights, JobisJob. Job Market Insights covers over 85% of the UK online Job Board market across 258 sites.

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