Webinars and courses

Upskill yourself whilst you’re looking for work through joining our webinars or taking a free course.

Webinars and courses

Upskill yourself whilst you’re looking for work through joining our webinars or taking a free course.

 Our webinar recordings

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The eternal optimist – winning with an attitude of gratitude

During the event, Ollie will leverage his experiences as England sevens rugby Captain, circumnavigator of the globe and a holder of four world records to help you develop as a manager and build a winning team.

Ollie will explain how an ‘attitude of gratitude’ has helped him build some of the most successful teams in history. And, he will explore how a ‘different strokes for different folks’ outlook is required in order for team cultures to truly develop and flourish, while giving an insight into what some of the pitfalls might be during this process and how to overcome them.

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Life after Furlough; making sure you’re ready for what comes next.


What support is available for people coming out of furlough or looking to return to the workplace after a prolonged break?

Join our panel of experts in Recruitment, HR and Mental Health to discuss issues many of us face around returning to the workplace, particularly after furlough, long periods out of employment, or months of digital-only working!

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New job? New sector… Identify transferable skills for tomorrow’s job

In this webinar, we’ll outline the most common skills that employers in various industries look out for. Then, we’ll advise on how you can promote your transferability to a recruiter to maximise on the wealth of job opportunities that are going to come available in the coming months.


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How to find a job during uncertain times when you’re unemployed

Would you like to discover what help and support is available to help you find a job again? You can obtain free training for courses, CV writing services and tips to improve your interview techniques, all on Government funded programmes. 

In this webinar, we’ll go through the different programmes available so you can find one that suits you best and that’s available in your local area. We’ll also go through all the support available which ranges from career advice, health & wellbeing support and how you can even get tailored advice to you with a dedicated Personal Adviser. 

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Your future career starts here: Becoming an NHS healthcare support worker

Whether you are currently in work but want to do something more fulfilling, or are without work and searching for your next opportunity, the NHS could be for you.

This opportunity is open to anyone interested, and does not require any prior experience working in healthcare. Come along to the webinar to find out more about the role, and how you can start the recruitment process.

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Be your best at the interview! With James Reed and Interview Cheerleader

Our panelists, James Reed and Tamzin Louise, come together to give a masterclass on how to prepare and conduct yourself in an interview, so you can get the perfect job offer! They will dip into their extensive combined experience to give you their top tips and tricks to give you confidence. This will be followed by a live Q and A session where you will have the opportunity to direct any questions you have towards our panelists. 

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How to work out which (graduate) jobs suit you best

Keep Britain Working and Graduate Coach come together to discuss ideas and talk through the main challenges that face graduates in the current marketplace. Chris Davies, an expert at getting graduates jobs, explains the 3 graduate types and which category you might fit into. Furthermore, we will cover key questions surrounding the future of the graduate market, provide support to help you maximize your potential and provide industry leading research to help you uncover the right career path for you.

Keep britain working webinar for side hustle

Top tips to set up a successful side hustle

This year, with the damaging effects of furlough and covid to our careers, we think it might be beneficial to have another project on the go, in this webinar we will discuss the different side hustle options. Each panelist will share their own experiences, discussing what their main income and job is and what their side hustle is. They will then provide the audience with guidance and tips to succeed in starting up a successful side hustle. 

keep britain working contracting and self employment

Contracting & Self-employment: Getting started

During the Covid 19 pandemic, Keep Britain Working is supporting as many people back into work as possible. This webinar will cast light on the world of contracting and self employment, the intention being to offer guidance and experience on alternative routes into work. We will have our expert panellists talk through the pros and cons of each alternative employment option, as well as delve into details – IR35, advice and support, preparation for making the move etc.

keep britain working cv writing tips

CV writing workshop 

Have been struggling to write your CV? Do you have a feeling it doesn’t do you justice? Join our webinar with a recruitment expert who will help you make sure your CV stands out and gives you the best chances of being selected to interview.

Our free courses

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Mini Job Interview Course

This interactive mini-course comes with a 13-page PDF downloadable workbook and online learning modules to help you to achieve the job offer you deserve. From common interview questions to preparing your mindset – the course will help you learn how to show your interviewer how amazing you are!

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Career Skills for the 2020s: Navigating the Online World of Work … from Future Learn

Find your purpose and identify the career skills you need to upskill in your sector or to seek a new job online.

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Thrive at Work: Digital Skills to Enhance your Career … from Future Learn

Aim to boost your career and learn about digital skills, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, and motivation at work.

How to get a graduate job, from Graduate Coach

As a graduate, deciding which career path to choose, learning how to write a professional CV, and developing the interview skills to secure your dream job can be challenging – especially during these uncertain times. On this course, you’ll follow recent graduates through the highly competitive graduate job application process. Through their journeys, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the graduate job market.

Job search skills 

Increase your chances of finding a job through learning how to sell yourself to a prospective employer throughout the application process. You could also take the chance to improve your communication and interpersonal skills or boost your digital skills in order to increase your confidence in your job search.

Health & care courses

Even before the pandemic, there was a steady demand for health and social care jobs and with an aging population, it is likely that demand for these roles will continue to increase. From counselling skills to infection control, there are a variety of free courses to choose from.

Construction courses

The construction industry has seen significant growth in job opportunities over the past few months, and with government investment in nationwide infrastructure projects and a recent boost to the residential property market, this looks likely to continue. Upskill yourself in construction today!

Project Management courses

Project management is a versatile skill set that can apply to almost any industry from Technology to construction. Boost your CV with a course on project management that can help you with your next role.

Teaching & child care courses

Teaching and childcare is a relatively steady industry, with a variety of different positions to suit different lifestyles, from teaching english as a foreign language to caring for children and young people, take a free course to work out whether it’s the right career path for you.

Business courses

Learn the business basics with free courses covering a variety of topics from bookkeeping and business management to customer service and digital skills. Whether you want to boost your CV for a new job or learn the fundamentals to help you start your own busines, why not give one of these free courses a try?

Security courses

Explore the basics of network security, get a certificate in understanding data protection and data security or learn about principles of ethical hacking.