Cover letter – are they still used? 

Cover letter – are they still used? 

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Are cover letter still used?


Cover letters are still considered a very important part of the recruitment process. More than half of companies hiring currently (56%) request a covering letter with CV’s that are submitted.

Despite the commonly held belief that recruiters don’t read these additions to an application, the reality is that 49% of HR managers see the covering letter as the second best way of boosting an application, only behind customising a CV specifically for a role. Covering letters are a fantastic way to offer context to the facts that you give in your CV. If your CV tells the recruiter that you were manager of a team for 5 years, your covering letter allows you to go into detail about how you managed that team, and what you did to create results.

It is therefore great investment of your time to work on getting your cover letter right – it can be the difference between you and another candidate!