What transferable skills do I have?

What transferable skills do I have? 

Our webinar on transferable skills: New job? New sector…

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The great thing about transferable skills, is that most of the time you will already have them! You will likely have developed them over time whilst at home, work or education. Can you learn transferable skills – yes, but being able to identify and describe them when in an interview is more important. In our latest webinar with Morson: New job? New sector… Identify transferable skills for tomorrow’s job, we help you to identify your transferable skills, as well as learn how to leverage them to move into a new sector. 

What are transferable skills? 

Transferable skills, many of which are also known as soft skills, can often be the foundation of any recruitment decision. Transferable skills could be what helps you move from an industry in decline to one that is booming. Sometimes people make the mistake of undervaluing their transferable skills; placing too much emphasis on sector experience, and not on the skills they’ve developed that could be equally useful in a different role or industry.

The first stage of any job search should be to identify your transferable skills. It is therefore integral to pause for self-reflection, and consider which skills you’re great at, but also which you most enjoy – then you can search online for jobs that require those. When it comes to applying for jobs – make sure that you have a list of your top skills, as well as examples to sit with each of them.

This might include: 

Negotiation that time you upsold a contract to a client that meant you had the highest net revenue in the month.

Organisation that time you changed the filing system for your company, ensuring that appropriate documentation was available when needed. 

Analytical Skillsthat time you picked up on anomalies in the accounting numbers, and averted a major issue with the regulatory body.

This is key preparation for writing your CV/ cover letter for a new role, as well as the interview stage. Watch our webinar to find out more from our panelists on how you can identify your transferable skills, and put them to work so you can find the perfect job. 

What are the most popular transferable skills by job description?

transferable skills by job description