Mindfulness & The Interview Process

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Walking into an interview can feel daunting and a range of emotions will come to the forefront of your mind. Panic can start to set in and your confidence and self-belief tested. Being mindful is a process that allows us to be aware of the present moment, to allow emotions to arrive and pass without judgement and to simply focus on the now. 

It is a common belief that mindfulness is linked to meditation and relaxation. You may be reading this wondering what the link between a job interview and meditation is! Perhaps it is greater than you think. Mindfulness, in the interview setting helps to improve  focus,  reduces anxiety, increases productivity & resilience and improves communication. You become balanced and calm rather than anxious, worried and irrational. It isn’t a case of lying down and closing your eyes listening to calming music.

Mindfulness is simply about clearing your mind, in the knowledge that you have fully prepared and are ready for your interview and giving you the space to calm and push away any panic or uncertainty.  Benefits of mindfulness during your interview process;  

  1. Calms your nerves. 
  2. Helps you to move on if you trip up.  
  3. Helps to avoid worry or self-doubt. 
  4. Allows you to accept negative thoughts, then allows them to leave. 
  5. Helps you to answer interview questions in a mindful way.
  6. Incorporates self-care before and after the interview.  
  7. Helps you get a good night’s sleep before your interview.  

How to use mindfulness throughout your job interview process;  

All of these exercises will allow your mind to simply focus on what is in front of you and stop worry creeping in. Enjoy practising with them. 

  1. Breathing exercise Number 1; Put your hand on your chest or rest your hand on top of the other. Imagine a balloon between your hand and your body. Give your balloon a beautiful colour.  As you breathe in imagine the balloon inflating.  As you breathe out imagine the balloon deflating. Repeat and simply focus on the balloon.  
  2. Breathing exercise Number 2; Inhale, count to 3, exhale, count to 3, As you inhale, imagine you are inhaling gold, positivity and success. As you exhale, release tension and any negative thoughts. 
  3. Mindful walking. Clear your mind, with each step, notice the feeling of the ground beneath your feet. Breathe and focus on the ground beneath your feet. As you place each foot down, say an affirmation – I am amazing, I am confident, I am capable. (Our Complete Job Interview Course,  guides you through how to create your own affirmation.) 
  4. Focus on what is around you;  Look for 5 sounds, Look for 5 colours, Look for 5 red things, Look for 5 square things. Allow your mind to simply focus on what is around you.

‘Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness is a fantastic way of helping you remain calm and free from worry. Combining mindfulness with a positive mindset and interview preparation will give you the foundations you need for interview success. If you need any more help and support, please reach out and visit theinterviewcheerleader.com

The Interview Cheerleader by Tamzin Louise

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