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by | Dec 21, 2020 | News

Interview recorded in Early December 2020

Advice to Job seekers in 2021

My advice to job seekers in 2021 would be around opening your mind to new opportunities.

We know that a lot of job seekers last year have looked to reskill and upskill – certainly we know that there was a big growth in online courses being taken up by candidates last year, because people understand that you can develop your skill set in your existing role, or grow a skillset you didn’t already have for a new vacancy. So I would absolutely advise job seekers this year to consider if your skills match an organisation or a role, and not necessarily limit your search to organisations from the same sectors where you have previously worked.

So I would really advise job seekers to think about what opportunities are in front of them. I would also think that there would be an opportunity for job seekers just to consider how to make yourself stand out – whether that be through new skills, or when you are putting your CV together to make sure you have the appropriate information on there.

But also do everything you can to make sure you are as marketable, if you’ll excuse the term, as you possibly can be for vacancies for next year. And really put the work in to make yourself stand out amongst what is going to be quite a crowded market from a job seeker’s perspective next year.

What does offer jobseekers beyond jobs …

Job seekers have the opportunity to make themselves stand out and make themselves more employable through courses. So we have thousands of courses online which candidates can enrol on in order to allow you to develop your skill set.

I think this makes us not just an organisation that provides job services or recruitment services to a candidate, but actually much more of a career offering, much more of a career partner.

So a candidate can enter into’s service as a job seeker, but actually can do much more than that. You can really allow yourself to become more successful in the future by growing your skillset, and I think our courses proposition is a really really important part of that.

So, from a job seeker’s perspective, that is absolutely something that you can utilise on our service, which maybe you can’t do elsewhere: can be your career partner.

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