Top Tips to Starting Up a Successful Side Hustle – Webinar

by | Dec 16, 2020 | News

Could side hustling be your solution to the career uncertainty that this pandemic has caused? Listen to this webinar to find out!

This conversation is hosted by James Reed and Rosie Reed, the panelists are:

Emma- Louise Boynton, Co-Founder of Her Hustle,, @her_hustle_network

Jaz Broughton, Career Success Coach,

Shumaila Dhirani, Beauty and Fashion Influencer, @shumidee

Henry Faber, Co-Founder of Oppidan Education,, @oppidaneducation

Barney Goff, Buns from Home,, @bunsfromhome

Helen Kirwan-Taylor, Journalist and Multimedia Artist,, @helenkirwantaylor

Sharena Shiv, Founder of Start Up. Start Now,, @sharenashiv

We thought that it would be interesting to discuss the benefits of having a side hustle during this time, when job security and career goals feel fragile and uncertain. Is now the time to find the self- starter or entrepreneur in you?

Each of the panelists begin by introducing themselves and sharing their top tips to starting up a successful side hustle, the panelists then answer a series of questions tailored to their specific career journeys and each share inspiring experiences and advice.

All the panelists agree that a successful side hustle can benefit you in many ways, it can make you money, broaden your network, provide you with new skills and enhance your day job. The panelists believe that it is worth pursuing an area that you feel passionate about, that way when you are working overtime, it won’t feel like work. The advantages of having a multifaceted career are explored and discussed and the panelists encourage us to construct our own career paths, inspiring us to ‘go for it’, take risks, learn new skills and have fun in the process.

Emma-Louise stresses the importance of finding a co-founder to share your journey with. 

Jaz suggests building your side hustle from the inside out.

Shumaila highlights the benefits of building a community around you. 

Henry encourages us to believe that the side hustle will be a success, right from the beginning.

Helen recommends that we allow ourselves to fail, and we achieve this through a playful and experimental approach.

Sharena says we need to start up and start now, why wait?!

The accomplished panel of hustlers will inspire you to sell yourself, build your personal brand, find your passion and pursue that side hustle idea that you’ve been sitting on.

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