Your future career starts here: Becoming an NHS healthcare support worker – webinar

by | Mar 19, 2021 | News

Whether you are currently in work but want to do something more fulfilling, or are without work and searching for your next opportunity, the NHS could be for you. This webinar outlines an opportunity that is open to anyone interested, and does not require any prior experience working in healthcare.

This webinar was hosted by Angus Mylne, a member of the Keep Britain Working team.

The panelists were:

Jenny Sinclair – a Senior Clinical Training Manager, Jenny has an in-depth knowledge of the different roles available to people interested in joining the NHS. She talks through the content of the role, the benefits and were to apply.

Yusuf Yousuf – a current Healthcare Support Worker at Whittington Trust, and is a passionate exponent of the role. He has worked in the NHS for 14 years, and shares his first hand experiences in the role and why it could be perfect for you!

To search through and apply for roles at the NHS nationally, visit their careers website here

Keep Britain Working resources mentioned in the webinar:

CV review can be found here

CV template can be found here

Cover letter can be found here

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